Orte » Vietnamese Garden, Pfotenhauer Straße

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In 2001, a group of Vietnamese women, under the leadership of Princess Thien Hoa Minh, established a communal garden on Dresden’s Pfotenhauer Straße, near the Diska supermarket. The idea was instigated by Dr. Dietrich Ewers, community director, who hired a crew to clear the previously deserted plot as part of a jobs-creation initiative. The women, who to this day live directly across from the garden, pitched in. In time, the empty lot evolved into an expansive garden with winding pathways, walking hills, a water pond, patterned gardening plots and countless flowers, vines and trees. The beautiful beds of Peonies deserve special mention.

Thanks to lots of ambition, initiative-taking and municipal support, the garden has become a beloved niche in the community; no less so, because it serves to stall the spread of paved parking spaces as well as the rise of vandalism and plant-knapping. Some money is earned selling opulent floral arrangements here, much of which was donated to a similar project planned to grow in the shadows of the Waldschlößchen Bridge at Neubertstraße. This project was also subsidized by, among others, the construction companies who donated topsoil, gravel and paving blocks for use in the garden.

Photo: Thien Hoa Minh