Places » The Greens at Dürerstraße/Holbeinstraße and Holbeinstraße Playground

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Between Dürerstraße and its parallel Holbeinstraße runs an interconnected network of playgrounds, recreational areas, garages and communal gardening plots which make up a singular lively, popular green space. The Holbeinstraße playground alone accounts for 21,000 square meters and is especially designed with kids ages 6 through 18 in mind. The grounds also feature a large metal jungle gym construction for children of school age. A bit further on, a sizeable blacktop area invites hopscotch-players and first-time inline skaters and cyclists alike to try out something new. Still further on, one finds four special in-ground trampolines. For parents and adults, there are plenty of benches to relax on and fields ideal for picnics or ballgames. A soccer field, basketball and beach volleyball courts and a climbing wall are available near Dürerstraße for more “Grown-up” kids. Kids under three will find plenty of space to run, wrestle and play. Here, all are welcome to spend a few leisurely hours, any day of the week.

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Hours of operation:
Daily from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

Photo: Christina Eppers