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eingestellt am 05.12.2016 von QM Johannstadt, zuletzt geändert am 29.06.2017

Bönisch Plaza, with its unique triangular fundament, was established at the end of the 1800s. The Plaza was named after Dresden’s mayor and City councilman Karl Friedrich Emil Bönisch, who unfortunately died three years before it was dedicated. The northern corner borders Blumenstraße, which previously ran further eastward. With its walled construction, ground floor storefronts, courtyard shops and tree-lined streets, Bönisch Plaza is a reminder of the look and feel of the city’s past. In 2003, the plaza was embellished with new benches and multicolor mosaic artwork. In 2015, the canal-house leading to the city’s drainage system was also renovated to reflect the area’s historical heritage. Large sections of the plaza are used for parking.

Since 2015, the yearly intercultural street festival “Bönisch Plaza for Everyone” takes place here. Under the auspices of the Social City urban development program, the plaza will continue to undergo enhancements and a re-evaluation of its worth to the community.

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Photo: Christina Eppers