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The aerial attacks of February 13-14, 1945, left the majority of Johannstadt in rubble and ashes. An entire neighborhood almost ceased to exist, leaving only traces behind. But Johannstadt lived on, and in the years that followed it developed into an important, centrally-located residential and industrial area. Until 2020, with the support of the state and federal program, Soziale Stadt Nördliche Johannstadt, information panels will be placed at 12 historic locations and connected by a path starting and ending at Trinitatisplatz, with the aim of bringing the neighborhood’s varied past to light. The idea originated locally: since 2017, a public working group comprised of the Johannstadtarchiv, interested residents, the offices of evergreen landschaftsarchitekten and Quartiersmanagement Nördliche Johannstadt has been compiling relevant information and photographic material. Along with the site panels, information will also be translated into Russian, Arabic and English, and will be published on this website.

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The individual locations:

  1. Trinitatisplatz
  2. Johanngarten
  3. Hopfgarten- /Pfeifferhannsstraße
  4. Pfotenhauerstraße
  5. Arnoldstraße
  6. Thomas-Müntzer-Platz
  7. Stadtteilhaus, form. Blumenstraße
  8. Bönischplatz
  9. Florian-Geyer-Straße
  10. Güntz- / Sachsenplatz
  11. Hochschule für Bildende Künste
  12. Gerok- / Silbermannstraße

The first panel, “Johanngarten”, located behind the Johannstadt rescue center, was unveiled in 2017.

Unveiling of the Johanngarten info column on 25.6.2017, in the presence of senior planning officer, Raoul Schmidt-Lamontain (Foto: Matthias Erfurth)

Anyone interested in contributing to the working group with memories, historical photos or postcards is invited to get in touch with Quartiersmanagement Nördliche Johannstadt.

Since those panels situated outside of the funding area of Soziale Stadt Nördliche Johannstadt (nos. 1, 5, 6, 10; with 11 & 12 expected) are not eligible for urban development funding, we are also in need of financial assistance to see the project through. If you would like to support this project, we would gladly accept your donation to the following bank account: Landeshauptstadt Dresden | IBAN: DE23850503003120000034 | BIC: OSDDDE81XXX | Verwendungszweck: zweckgebundene Spende Soziale Stadt Nördliche Johannstadt – Infostelen. If you enter your address information, you will receive a certificate of donation through the Landeshauptstadt Dresden. For donations over 100 EUR, donors may request for their names to be written on the panel.

Text: Matthias Kunert, QM Johannstadt

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